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Labyrinth Tour 2022 – Concert #1: Salamanca, España

Labyrinth Choir performed a one hour concert at the Palacio Figueroa in Salamanca, Spain last night July 1, 2022 from 8-9 pm. We sang a variety of music and were overwhelmed by the responsiveness of our Spanish audience-they loved everything! We sang Classical songs, gospel, a spiritual, a traditional Irish song, a challenging contemporary classical song—all songs received the same exuberant applause! I planned for about 10 seconds of applause per song which was much too short in reality. I couldn’t believe how enthusiastically the Spanish audience responded to our musicality, dynamics and sound. We had one of the best performances ever and I think it had to do with the excitement of being in Spain together, as well as the deep appreciation we felt from our listeners. The group was so emotional and attuned to each other.

Kathryn Denney conducted her song “I Am Not There” beautifully. Maria Rivera White played such expressive piano parts and we all fed off of our synergistic energy!! All the soloists were fantastic. Eduardo Ramos introduced our songs in English and in Spanish and the audience adored him. I always believe that one needs to engage with the audience—they need to feel valued and respected and they will reciprocate in turn. Our encore “Oh Freedom Is Comin’” delighted the audience because we sang a verse in Spanish and held up Spanish flags on a string that made the whole audience “feel happy,” as one woman expressed to me. I’m so proud of our group and I can’t wait for our next concert in Leon in a few days.

- Anita

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Wonderful!! So exciting that you are touring again!!


Anita Kupriss
Anita Kupriss
Jul 02, 2022

Here‘s another photo from our first day in Salamanca before going to dinner together


Great concert, Labyrinth Choir!

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