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Love and Glory Now on YouTube!

Labyrinth Choir Fans!

Our most recent concert event, "Love and Glory" is now available on our website and YouTube. You can even watch right here in this blog post! Selections by Kyle Pederson, Ola Gjeilo, Gwenyth Walker, Taylor Scott Davis, Anton Bruckner, Alejandro Consolacion II, Kevin Memely, and our director Dr. Anita Kupriss, as well as stunning arrangements of spirituals and jazz standards. We will bring these songs (and more!) to Europe with us *next week* with concerts in Switzerland (Geneva, Bern) and Italy (Stressa).

Many thanks to all who joined in Canton and the night prior in Newton Lower Falls. You give us so much life with your love and warmth, not to mention your own spectacular singing! Our concerts are all about the fun and the family – our audiences both in-person and virtual are so much a part of who we are and what we do. Keep an eye out on this blog for many tour updates. As we said, we're taking you to Europe with us!

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