Seeking the heart of music through the art of singing




Labyrinth Choir consists of a professional choral conductor, twenty professional singers and a professional accompanist. Each singer undergoes an audition process which emphasizes musical interpretation in the choral ensemble, the ability to sing in contrasting musical styles, performing solo songs, and excellent sight-reading abilities. Our repertoire includes Classical, Broadway, jazz, traditional folk music, spirituals, popular, rock and contemporary Classical music. Labyrinth Choir has sung in English, Latin, Italian, Urdu, Estonian, Latvian, Spanish, Hebrew and French. Our first CD The Heart of Music was released in April 2015.












Labyrinth Choir is a choral organization that presents theme-based concerts open to the public and supports professional musicians by compensating them for rehearsals and concerts. Our themes have encompassed freedom, love, joy, remembrances, celestial spaces, and how vision and faith intersect​.​ A significant mission, and an important part of each concert, is to encourage the audience to sing with us. A few times in every concert Labyrinth Choir invites the audience to sing, move or recite poetry, so that the concert is an active and fun participatory experience. We encourage everyone to raise their voices in song! Our vision is to collaborate with artists and other ensembles in order to build a cooperative interdisciplinary artistic community and to provide opportunities for artists to share their work within the context of Labyrinth concerts. Our long-term musical vision embraces outreach to young singers and conductors by organizing workshops and performances with music students from local schools. Labyrinth Choir hopes to encourage and inspire many future professional musicians!​