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¡Mucho Gusto! Meet Heather Holland

Alto Heather Holland is one of our newest Labyrinth singers. She said that she appreciates how everything has gone smoothly on tour and how friendly the other singers have been. “Getting to know everyone better has been wonderful. It doesn’t feel like just a gig-there’s more connection.” Being on tour has been fun for her. She was blown away by Salamanca because it’s such a beautiful medieval city. What’s also exciting for her is that very few people speak English. She feels that she’s really in Spain, getting a true slice of the culture and country.

At Heather’s first tour concert in Salamanca she didn’t know what to expect. Would there be a lot of people, would they enjoy our performance? “I like concerts where the singers are on the same level as the audience. I enjoy when I can see their faces-it’s like we’re having a conversation. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much of an impact music has on people, and on me too. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it does-it’s a beautiful surprise. Music can break so many barriers. It was very touching to see how moved our audience was by the music even though they may not have understood every word. Personally it’s been a difficult year for me. I didn’t know what the tour was going to be like and then to have this beautiful, touching, collective experience with Labyrinth felt like such a gift. It amazes me, I’m not a crier, I still get amazed at how moved I get through music. So by the end of the concert, I felt overwhelmed and cried, but in a good way, with joy, with love. Sometimes you’ve got to let it out. We’re all human and it’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s good for me, for all of us.”

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