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Tour 2022 – Concert #3: Bilbao

July 7, 2022 Labyrinth Concert in the Iglesia de la Encarnaciòn

We arrived at the church and the priest let us in. It is a lovely, old church with a very long reverb. The concert was spectacular due to the appreciative audience (about 75) and because of the great acoustics. Our a cappella pieces were lush and full and the choir filled that glorious Sanctuary with beauty, love, poignancy and joy. Maria made the electric piano sing with such intensity and emotion. We are grateful to have such an accomplished pianist in Labyrinth. Eduardo introduced our songs with professionalism and charm and the audience appreciated our efforts to communicate with them. We even greeted them in Basque saying “Kaixo” which means hello.

Kathryn conducted her song “I Am Not There” in this concert. Kathryn said, “It was amazing to conduct people who are such high level musicians, especially because they sang my piece so beautifully. I could tell they were responding to the emotion and the depth of the message. Life continues after a person dies because you see things in nature that remind you of the beauty of the world.”

The audience applauded enthusiastically for every song and we ended up singing one encore, but could have sung two! I am deeply moved by the response that we have received from the Spanish audiences. Music transcends language and can inspire and change the world. Labyrinth Choir is hoping to spread a message of gratitude and love within a sphere of musical excellence all over the world. ACFEA has provided us with a sincere, gracious and fun courier Pilar Pino and curated a wonderful tour in which we accomplished these goals in our memorable time here in Spain. Gracias to all!

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